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Buy the best gemstones and crystals online. Aura Quartz crystals provide a peaceful, relaxing energy that smooths and cleans the aura. They are perfect gemstones for releasing negativity and stress.

Thank you for shopping at my Gemstone, Crystal and art shop. All of my gemstones are intended to spread high vibrational crystal energy and happiness to anyone drawn to them.

Ruby Aura Quartz 2

Ruby Aura Quartz 2

34.99 64.99

Ruby Aura is a protective stone. 2 1/8 x 1 5/8 x 1.5 inch - 56.1 grams

Ruby Aura helps to maintain psychic energies.It is an excellent stone for releasing blockages and arrest leakages of energy from the chakras and to transmute negative energy away from the aura. It provides a psychic medium with magnified protective energy. It promotes dreaming and stimulates the connection with , and transmission of information from ones spiritual guides. It assists in increasing perception and helps to regulate the emotional and the intuitive energies. It has been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with he spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels.

Before purchasing please look at the photos. The aura stones may have natural surface marks, and internal inclusions.

My intent is to photograph shop items using professional camera lighting to capture actual colors and hues. I take close up photos see the items more clearly. Electronic viewing and different computer monitors may change or alter the exact colors of the actual items.

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