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Dowsing L Rods
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38.  Super Responsive Dowsing Rods with Quartz Crystal
$40.00 Each
Handmade by Lori McDonald with pure steel and copper.

Copper wire wrapped quartz crystal increases dowsing sensitivity.

The wire wrapped quartz crystal is adjustable and can be moved along the dowsing rod. 

Super responsive genuine copper handles for smooth response action.

Titanium Flame Aura Faceted Beads amplifies and magnifies dowsing.

Total length without handle Size: 8 1/2 inch long.

XL - Steel and Copper Dowsing L-Rods.

Super Responsive Steel and Copper Dowsing L-Rods.

$48.88 Each
Super responsive with copper handles for smooth action.
Skillfully crafted by paranormal investigator & Reiki Master Teacher, Lori McDonald.

Total Length including handle 18" Long top to bottom, and 12" long from top of handle to tip.

Use to find high EMF, water, electrical lines, gold, lost objects, plus ghost hunting.    Dowsing L-Rods make an excellent ghost hunting tool and may be used to locate a vortex  or high EMF energy during a paranormal ghost investigation.

Lori McDonald with Dowsing L Rods
Lori McDonald Demonstrating DOWSING rods at the Oregon Vortex.
Dowsing is the marriage of the scientific and the intuitive.
The roots of dowsing can be traced back to ancient times. Some say that pictoglyphs on the walls of the Tassili Caves in southern Algeria in Africa bear the earliest evidence. A Chinese emperor named Yu, went on an dowsing expedition to the east over 2,000 years before Christ. Dowsing dates back several thousand  years. This ancient Egyptian art  form was used by Chinese kings and psychics during the middle ages and into the present. Today many have used this tool to find water, oil, coal, minerals, cables and pipes, locating missing people, lost objects and animals, and to diagnose illness. May be used for a simple yes or no answer. A yes answer causes the pendulum to swing up and down. A no answer is left to right. The pendulum is a KEY used to open our intuition & connect with the higher self.