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Entity Police Report

Lori's most disturbing paranormal case!
Law enforcements scariest TRUE PARANORMAL experience and incident reports.

Scroll down below for more info Arizona Entity Police Incident Report and Police narrative. From Lori's paranormal investigation case files.  Scroll below to see the true police incident report taken by a police department in  Arizona.

POLICE OFFICERS PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SCARIEST TRUE PARANORMAL INCIDENT REPORT! Have you ever been dispatched to a house for paranormal 911 call? If you are a police officer,  Highway Patrol, Sheriff,  and have documented a true paranormal incident report   please send a copy to Lori.      Include your name, state, date of incident, copy of your report, narrative, pictures and all details.  
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Entity Police Report was take at this Arizona home.

Arizona Entity Police Incident Report
Police and firemen responded to frantic 911 call from the victim, co-workers and staff at her place of business and reported that she was sexually violated by an invisible entity.  She had unexplained bruises in private areas below the waist.  The police and firemen experienced being pushed from behind and heard knocking on the window even though no one was around. One of the police involved in the report stated that poltergeist activity and sleep disturbances happened at his home for several weeks after incident.  The report appears similar to the circumstances of the horrifying 1970's Doris Bither "Entity" case. 

Arizona Entity Police Department Narrative.