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Lori McDonald, RMT
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THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY TO CONTACT  LORI  IF YOU NEED HELP! If you are experiencing an ACTIVE haunting and you need DOCUMENTATION and honest, professional help, contact Lori anytime...Her paranormal investigative services  have been utilized by law enforcement on numerous occasions. Click on the links below to view a true ghost  case that was given to her by the police who wrote the report. (Police Department Incident Report)

Lori is fully qualified to help you if you live in Arizona.

Lori is an Arizona native who has worked as a professional paranormal investigator and spiritual adviser since 1998. Throughout her life she has had the intuitive ability to sense of a haunting. As a child she often visited her Grandparents who lived in a historic haunted home. In 1998, she developed the ability to take paranormal photographs. After supernatural and ghostly images appeared on her family photos she asked the local camera shop owner to analyze the images. He informed her that that nothing was wrong with the camera or the film and that the images were paranormal. As a result, she began troubleshooting, advising  and helping the haunted in both California and Arizona.. Lori's no nonsense investigations have been featured several times on Channel 15 in Arizona. Her Whaley House Orb  Photo was nationalltelevised on "Fact of Faked". She is a legally ordained minister, and Reiki Master Teacher, who conducts professional paranormal investigations of haunted locations in the Phoenix valley. Her Specialty is in "Help for the Haunted"  and the research and documentation of the paranormal.

Lori is  dedicated to seeking out, investigating, and documenting paranormal activities. SHE TAKES A NO NONSENSE APPROACH TO INVESTIGATING.   If you would like Lori to investigate a haunting,  or if you need a house blessing please schedule an appointment
. She may ask you to respond with answers to pertinent questions about your activity.  If you need help and you have activity, she will find it no matter what time it is.

Lori McDonald Paranormal investigation Case Files. Scroll down for  Photo Album Below.

Photo by Lori McDonald
Jerome Arizona Pixie Ghost in Old Haunted Hospital
Tucson Arizona Krishna Ghost
Lori investigates a Haunted Clinic
Lori investigates Haunted Antique store
Photo taken by Lori McDonald
Vortex and Lori McDonald
Lori Investigates the Haunted Connor Hotel
Lori McDonald investigates Secret Site
Angel or Ghost?
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Lori investigated a Haunted clinic
Lori investigated Haunted Sugar Beet Factory
Lori investigates haunted Jerome, AZ

Digital camera,  digital recorder, motion sensor, thermal scanner, EMF meter, tri-field meter, K II deluxe meter, AM/FM frequency sweep radio research device, and night vision video camera.  (The most important piece of evidence in a paranormal investigation is witness testimony of all parties involved.)



Do you know what causes a demonic infestation? Do you know the reason why you have experienced paranormal activity? Lori can help you.
IMPORTANT: Lori knows the difference between a human haunting and demonic infestation. There are  three different levels of demonic  activity.  She will  determine  if the paranormal events were caused by a demonic infestation, human earthbound soul/ghost, or a residual haunting.  She will help guide you with  answers and information  about  why you have paranormal activity,  the type,   cause or focal point and  if you need an investigation. LORI IS FULLY QUALIFIED TO HELP YOU.

Trained clergy definition: Each Catholic diocese is expected to have at least one designated exorcist. Exorcisms are generally low-profile. The theatrics one sees on television are not typical of most exorcisms. During the Sacrament of Baptism, the priest actually says prayers of exorcism. So, in this sense, exorcisms happen daily in the Roman Catholic Church. The prayers for the specific ritual of exorcism are yet found in the Rituale Romanum, a standard book of rituals for Catholic priests. In order for an ordained priest to perform the rites of exorcism, he must first obtain the permission of the bishop.  Before a bishop can sanction an exorcism, doctors and psychiatrists must agree there could be something beyond a medical condition. In order to obtain the help of clergy or an exorcist you will be required to do the following. First Step: Get a complete and thorough medical exam. Second Step: A complete and thorough psychological examination by no less than two psychologists or mental health therapists. The examinations are used to eliminate schizophrenia, epilepsy, dissociative disorders (multiple personality) and any other illnesses which might mimic possession. The act of exorcism is considered to be a dangerous spiritual task.   Call Lori to help you determine if your haunting was caused by a true demonic infestation or caused by a human soul.

Since the arrival of "TAPS" there has been an explosion of NEW GHOST HUNTING GROUPS ("entry level") in Arizona. Many of the new groups have not had the necessary experience, ethics, equipment, training or protocols needed to conduct a proper, safe investigation.  Please use caution when inviting paranormal groups, mediums, psychics and "Demonologists because they may have VERY little training and might create even more problems (back lash) for you and your family. Lori is fully qualified to help you. 

Lori is a Paranormal Investigator and spiritual adviser,  living in Arizona. Do you need spiritual guidance? DO YOU NEED PEACE, HOPE AND SERENITY? Do you have questions about your future,  love relationship or job?  Are you living in a haunted home? Do you need answers about what might be causing paranormal activity?


Receiving a paranormal help over the phone is convenient way to talk about your most important paranormal issues and questions; allowing you to be flexible in the timing of setting up your appointment. When purchasing a paranormal phone consultation it is good to be specific with your questions, this allows her to give you, the client  more detailed information and answers.  

Black Vortex image photographed by Lori McDonald in Jerome, AZ 2014.  The location is near the Connor Hotel. The old building used to be a hotel until it burned down in the 1890s.
This image was photographed by Lori McDonald, 3/2014 in Jerome, AZ.  Spirit Room Bar and very bright orb on the right hand side of the image.  It is a haunted hotel. The Connor Hotel.
Photo by Lori McDonald taken in Jerome, Arizona at a haunted and abandoned building. The close up on the right shows a strange  light anomaly.  Lonnie A. gave me a tour of the building that was once a hospital in the gold rush days.  While we were walking up the staircase, something paranormal pulled my hair.  I took the photo immediately afterwards.   
Vortex GHOST PHOTO by Lori McDonald on a ghost hunt at Arizona Cemetery.

If you zoom in you can see a face!  This entire expression of ghostly energy suggests the possibility of multiple entities existent within a vortex.   I  felt a negative presence behind me. aka known as Clairsentience: I took the photo in the dark directly behind me, on the twilight setting and this strange image appeared.  At the time the location was dark "lights off" and I didn't see anything within the area. There was nothing visible to the human eye.

Lori's most recent  Investigation was at the Casa Grande Ruins

Lori just recently investigated the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  There were reports of seeing shadow people of the Hohokam, hearing drumming music and seeing mysterious lights at night.  It was an amazing site.   One of the largest prehistoric structures ever built in North America that is around 2000 years old.

Haunted Connor Hotel, Jerome, Arizona 2012

This hotel is HAUNTED!  Just completed an investigation and had an actual ghostly experience in the hotel.  Just after midnight we heard loud foot steps from the door entry  way, by the bed, then through the door leading into the bathroom.  It sounded like a very heavy person walking in the room.  There have been numerous reports of haunting activity at the Connor. 

Lori McDonald at Winchester House Tour and large Vortex

After arriving at the Winchester Mystery House everyone inside the gift shop claimed the mystery house was no longer  haunted  and that it was just a rumor, but we found out just how haunted it really was.  We  found out that the house was loaded with anomalous, and very intense energy.  We found very high EMF  spikes in the courtyard. Lori  had a very creepy feeling while waiting for the tour and asked that the photo be taken and found that a vortex image appeared in the photo.  Since early childhood, Lori has  had the ability to sense the presence of a ghost.  After  the film was developed Lori found several anomalous images on the film "anomalous materialization." © 2012 Lori McDonald -

Whaley House Orb

 Photo Taken 12-2000
"This photo was taken on the 110th anniversary of the death of Mr. Thomas  Whaley-December 1890.  We went out for the day and were drawn to the Whaley house and amazed when we found out that this was the 110th anniversary.  We didn't plan on going,  but on a whim decided to buy a disposable camera and take a few photos.  The day started out as our family day in San Diego at the Seaport Village. I took the photo on the staircase because   I had a "feeling" or sensed something unusual in that spot. We didn't bring our ghost hunting equipment.   I used a cheap Kodak disposable 800 speed camera. NOTE: This was a fun family day not a real planned professional ghost  investigation.  On a professional Ghost Investigation I wouldn't bring my child with me." Sincerely, Lori McDonald    ©2000 Lori McDonald -  NOTE: This photo was nationally televised on "Fact or Faked".

 ABC 15 News reporter Tim Vetscher televised a
 Halloween 2007, story on the haunting investigation by Lori McDonald.

Is a Mesa scrapbooking store haunted? Paranormal investigation, Lori McDonald has the answer. Ghost research conducted by paranormal investigator, Lori McDonald 10-2007. Lori's findings: (The building is haunted!) Lori reported several witness accounts of numerous apparitions had been seen --A man, a little boy, a little girl--were seen in the shop. One 6 year-old who was with her mother, refused to go down stairs into the basement. She told her mom "ghost children were down stairs".  The shop owner had experienced poltergeist activity. Upon the close of business the store was neat and organized and the next morning  papers and scrap booking supplies were found in disarray.  Dolls were played with and mysteriously moved around in the middle of the night. 

I thought my camera was broken so I brought it to a photo analyst. " He concluded that this was an unexplained  energy discharge in the house or paranormal event or anomaly. In 1997,  I began to see STRANGE images appear in our family photos which were determined by a photographic expert to be valid paranormal anomalies on film. It was at that point that I decided help families who were living in haunted environments.

The YouTube video was at the Secret California Site location. 
You can see an orb shoot accross the screen from the lower right hand side.  - Paranormal Investigator Lori McDonald Case File ORB film footage
Filmed  at an extremely haunted secret California location when I investigated an abandoned facility for the police department.        HAUNTING ACTIVITY AT THIS SITE:
 Lights turning on and off! * Unexplained laughing! * Apparition sightings of a young woman! * Shadowy dark shapes moving in the night! * Furniture moving around at night in the office without explanation! * Unexplained sounds. *

Extremely Haunted Secret California Investigation with Lori McDonald

The haunting activity was reported by several police officers who witnessed  unexplained paranormal phenomena while patrolling the area.  The police asked to keep the site location private.  They didn't want it turning into another Amityville Horror. They said that they occasionaly heard strange EVP or other worldly voices on the police dispatch.

Extremely Haunted Secret California Investigation with Lori McDonald

The following quote was from the police Sergeant who contacted me : "This county facility is over 100 years old, and is patrolled by my department. I  have  had some experiences at this facility that I am hard pressed to explain. I'm not proud to tell you that there's area's I won't go into by my self My department is responsible for law enforcement services in that area. !" The police department  called me to investigate the site.

Haunted Queen Mary Investigation by Lori McDonald 

I had a funny feeling in the area and asked the Captain if I could take his picture. I used a Kodak disposable camera.  "The Queen Mary seems to be a gateway or door to another world where unexplainable things continue to happen with regularity."  The small orb showed up on the film but wasn't there while I took the photo.

Arizona Entity Police Report

The Police gave this report to Lori by the officer who wrote the police narrative.
Police and fireman responded to frantic 911 calls from the victim, co-workers and staff at her place of business and reported that she was violated by an invisible entity.  She had unexplained bruises in private areas below the waist.  The report appears similar to the circumstances of the horrifying 1970's Doris Bither "Entity" case. Police Incident Report.