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William L. McDonald is a well known alien and UFO artist and alternative investigator.  His illustrations have been nationally televised, in magazines and books.  He was the concept designer for the movie "Roswell" as well as the artist for the "Roswell UFO"   Testors Model kit.  Click here to commission a piece of art, or if you need a book magazine or TV illustration.
William L. McDonald
Roswell UFO Model Kit Signed by artist Bill McDonald.

Alien, UFO and Roswell Art images by forensic artist William L. McDonald. 

Packaged Alien and UFO Copies for sale.  

One (1) 8 x 10 color copy $25

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In memoriam of the late Lloyd Anthony Pye Jr. (September 7, 1946 – December 9, 2013) was an American author and  paranormal researcher best known for his promotion of the Starchild skull  He claimed it was the relic of a human-alien hybrid,   although DNA testing showed it to be from a human male.


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Bill's illustrations and art have been featured in numerous published books, magazines and television shows. Bill McDonald's educational background is in the field of military aviation via the USMC and the California Army National Guard; combined with forensic anthropology. His work experience was as an undercover private investigator for over twelve years, working with major metropolitan police departments, federal agencies and the military. At the same time he was a precision fantasy, technical, scientific and commercial illustrator who fell into forensics. McDonald received his BA Degree from Cal State Fullerton in Criminal Justice. Feel free to contact us  if you are a private collector and would like to order a commissioned art piece.  If you'd like to purchase one of our our alien or UFO originals or need  a book illustration please E-mail here. 

Original Artwork by William L. McDonald from 1993 - Present All ORIGINAL  images are pen and ink.   Copyright ©1993-2013  Bill & Lori McDonald, All Rights Reserved.   Note: Watermark "AlienUFOart.com" will not be on the Original. Artist retains copyright.

Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

The "General Composite of the Roswell Aerospace Interplanetary Skiff" is originated and forensically rendered from the testimony of multiple witnesses who were the retired United States Army Counter-Intelligence Corps atom bomb security agents guarding all atom bomb manufacturing, testing and deployment facilities in New Mexico from 1943 to 1951. Further and far more substantial testimony came from Clarence L. ("Kelly") Johnson and Dr. Ben R. Rich (both of whom were the now deceased founding CEOs of Lockheed Martin's famous "Skunk Works") as provided to Bill McDonald via the inter-mediation of the late John Andrews, Special Projects Chief Designer of the Testor Corporation. Kelly mentored Ben and John Andrews.

The spacecraft was a single, integrated, machine component; the originating inspiration for all high-altitude, hypersonic, "Waverider," aerosurf, "Biomorphic" aircraft and space shuttle configuration concepts. She mimicked the design forms of multiple sea animals including porpoises and stingrays. Her life support system and in-flight ballast was an oxygenated amniotic fluid-like broth with an advanced filtration system in the flight deck. She carried a crew of seven humanoids who interfaced with the vessel's artificial intelligence (AI) cortex directly, physically through the headrests of their individual crash-couches and their surrounding consoles. The organic minds of the flight crew are believed to have functioned as "multiple brain nodes" for distributed processing and navigation. They and the spacecraft functioned as a "combined biological organic/artificial life form and machine system."

Under contract, all copyrights for the "General Composite of the Roswell Interplanetary Skiff" reverted back to forensic illustrator William Louis McDonald Sr. in July of 2000 from the Testor Corporation.

About The Roswell UFO Model Kit


(Testor's Roswell UFO model kit was based on Bill McDonald's forensic illustrations and numerous witness testimonies.)